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Archie Cot


The Archie Cot is available in White and fits easily into any nursery styling.
Part of the Archie collection

archie,baby bunting,cot,cots,M690PS100,M690S100,new,warranty-12-months,

Asher Cot


The Asher Cot is available in American Oak and brings nature into any nursery with the strong American Oak Timber panelling.
Part of the Asher collection

asher,available-online,cot,cots,M690PS100,M690S100,new,warranty-5-years,available online

Blenheim Cot

$679.99 $340.99-$679.99

For a classic, gentle, cot silhouette the Blenheim does not disappoint.
Part of the Blenheim collection

available-online,blenheim,cot,M760S100,sale,warranty-12-months,Honey Elm,White,Mountain Ash,available online

Clyde Cot


The Clyde Cot brings a mix of modern and natural design into the nursery environment, opening up endless design possibilities.
Part of the Clyde collection

baby bunting,clyde,clyde cots,cot,cots,M690PS100,M690S100,warranty-12-months,

Dainty Cot


It’s all in the name. The dainty cot has been specifically designed to maximise your nursery space.
Part of the Dainty collection

comfort foam mattress,cot,dainty,dainty cot,M690F100C,warranty-12-months,White,

Havana Cot


The Havana Cot is available in White/Oak, and will fit easily into any nursery styling.
Part of the Havana collection

available-online,cot,cots,havana,M690PS100,M690S100,new,warranty-3-years,available online

Haven Cot


A timeless cot, the haven features simple and modernist design alongside practical functionality which allows infants to sleep safely.
Part of the Haven collection

cot,essentials,haven,M690PS100,M690S100,warranty-12-months,Matte White,

Helsinki Cot


Sophisticated modern simplicity. Nordic design brings the outdoors inside to add warmth to what would otherwise be stark, minimalist design.
Part of the Helsinki collection

cot,helsinki,M690PS100,M690S100,warranty-5-years,Grey/Matte White,Matte White,

Imperial Cot


A design that makes a statement when you enter the room, the Imperial Cot is sure to stand out in any nursery setting.
Part of the Imperial collection

available-online,cot,imperial,M760S100,warranty-5-years,White,available online

Jameson Cot


The Jameson is a classic cot that’s extremely versatile.
Part of the Jameson collection

cot,essentials,jameson,M690PS100,M690S100,warranty-12-months,Matte White,

Jiminy Cot


For that classic cot silhouette, the Jiminy with its clean lines and subtle detailing, has a timeless appeal.
Part of the Jiminy collection


Lincoln Cot


The Lincoln Cot is available to purchase in White, with 3 trendy feet options to match your nursery styling.
Part of the Lincoln collection

baby village,cot,cots,lincoln,M690PS100,M690S100,new,warranty-5-years,White/Sage,White/Grey,White/Natural,

Linden Cot

$799.99 $399.99

The Linden Cot is a strong and bold statement piece that comes in a brilliant white/natural finish that becomes the highlight in any nursery.
Part of the Linden collection

available-online,cot,cots,Linden,Linden Cot,M690PS100,M690S100,new,sale,warranty-12-months,White/Natural,available online

Manhattan Cot


The beauty of the Manhattan is in its art deco details.
Part of the Manhattan collection

cot,M690PS100,M690S100,manhattan,warranty-5-years,Matte White,Warm White,

Marseille Cot


As rattan becomes an increasingly popular home trend, the Marseille is a sweet mixture of this relaxed style and the classic cot silhouette.
Part of the Marseille collection

cot,M690PS100,M690S100,marseille,warranty-5-years,Warm White,

Norway Cot

$599.99 $499.99-$599.99

The Norway is another classic panel cot, which slightly alters the classic cot silhouette with a decorative end panel.
Part of the Norway collection

available-online,cot,M690PS100,M690S100,norway,sale,warranty-5-years,Honey Elm,White,available online

Overture Cot


The Overture cot is specifically designed for modern living, where an efficient use of space is as important as style and functionality.
Part of the Overture collection

available-online,cot,M660S100,overture,warranty-5-years,Mountain Ash,Scandinavian Oak,Honey Elm,available online

Pearl Cot


The Pearl is an understated cot that fits perfectly into a classic, elegant nursery.
Part of the Pearl collection

available-online,cot,M690PS100,M690S100,pearl,warranty-5-years,White,Mountain Ash,available online

Retro Cot

$799.99 $449.99-$799.99

Inspired by the mid-century silhouettes of the 60s, the Retro range allows you to complete your nursery with matching furniture.
Part of the Retro collection

available-online,cot,M690PS100,M690S100,retro,sale,warranty-5-years,Scandinavian Oak,White,available online

Richmond Cot


A classic cot with a clean design that can fit into any nursery theme.
Part of the Richmond collection

cot,M760S100,richmond,warranty-5-years,White,available online

Rollover Trend Cot


Ranked #1 on ProductReview for 'Best Cots 2020', the Rollover range is not only great value, but it is also an aesthetically pleasing and versatile cot, suitable from birth to school-age.
Part of the Rollover Trend collection

available-online,cot,M690PS100,M690S100,rollover trend,warranty-5-years,White,available online

Scandi Cot

$799.99 $400.99

Scandinavian interior design is all about maximum style with minimum fuss.
Part of the Scandi collection

available-online,cot,M690PS100,M690S100,sale,scandi,warranty-5-years,White,Honey Elm/White,available online

Vienna Cot


Classically elegant. Fabric upholstery on wooden furniture instantly softens and adds a sense of grace and elegance.
Part of the Vienna collection

cot,M690PS100,M690S100,vienna,warranty-5-years,Warm White,

Washington Cot


Classic craftsmanship meets modern design. Designed for modern nurseries, cots with high back panels are symmetrical and harmonious, which work especially well when pushed up against a wall to highlight their decorative back panel.
Part of the Washington collection

cot,M690PS100,M690S100,warranty-5-years,washington,Antique White,Washed Grey,

York Cot


A strong and bold statement piece. Elegant curves and a sense of symmetry are integral elements of this refined and regal style, inspired by the Empire period of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Part of the York collection