2019 Releases

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Colour Variants

York Cot


A strong and bold statement piece. Elegant curves and a sense of symmetry are integral elements of this refined and regal style, inspired by the Empire period of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Part of the York collection


Washington Cot


Classic craftsmanship meets modern design. Designed for modern nurseries, cots with high back panels are symmetrical and harmonious, which work especially well when pushed up against a wall to highlight their decorative back panel.
Part of the Washington collection

2019rel,cot,washington,Antique White,Washed Grey,

Vienna Cot


Classically elegant. Fabric upholstery on wooden furniture instantly softens and adds a sense of grace and elegance.
Part of the Vienna collection

2019rel,cot,vienna,Warm White,

Manhattan Cot


The beauty of the Manhattan is in its art deco details.
Part of the Manhattan collection

2019rel,cot,manhattan,Matte White,Warm White,